Paths To Ponder – Matthew 7:13-14

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Paths To Ponder – Matthew 7:13-14 Throughout Jesus’ ministry, and the bible as a whole, it is made clear that there are only two paths a person can walk down in life. A path with God, or a Path without God. In today’s sermon we look at the precise way Jesus gives us about how to get into heaven. God doesn’t need our help either. It is impossible for us to do enough works to earn our way into heaven. It is only through faith in Jesus. If there are only two paths though, then there must also be two destinations. Choosing to follow God and walk with Him is the decision all of us should make. That is the only way we can prevent ourselves from spending eternity separated from God. It is the only way for us to enter into heaven. Join us for the next message in our series, The Kingdom Of God. Building a present reality and future hope.