Mountain View Bible Church welcomes all men, women, and children to be guests at our worship services, Bible studies, and youth, men’s, and women’s groups. As friends of our ministry, you are welcome to become familiar with what we do and teach. The following list of questions and answers is designed to answer any questions you may have.

In addition, if you have any other questions about our doctrine or practice please feel free to submit your question and we will try to respond to you as expeditiously as possible.

What is a typical Sunday Service like?

Since we are a Bible-believing church, the central focus of our Sunday morning service is the Word of God. We typically sing songs that exalt Jesus Christ, we share announcements, prayer requests, have a Scripture reading, and listen to a sermon from the Bible. In addition communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the month.

Who can attend the communion service?

All born again believers are welcome to celebrate communion with us. Believers are encouraged to examine their attitudes towards the Lord and others before partaking of the elements. Those who are not yet believers or who are unsure of their standing before the Lord are welcome to observe.

What style of music do you use?

A combination of contemporary and traditional music is used accompanied by piano, guitars and other instruments from time to time. Our goal is to exalt Christ in the words and the music that is sung during our services.

What type of preaching can I expect?

Generally we teach consecutively through a book of the Bible. This is interspersed with topical teaching at various times such as special occasions or otherwise as needed. Emphasis is placed on applying the Bible to our individual lives: the gospel to those who have not yet trusted Christ as savior; and growth in Christ to those who have trusted Christ.

Will I be asked to identify myself by raising my hand or filling out a card?

You will not be singled out. An information card is available in the bulletin which you have the option of filling out indicating you are a visitor or that you have a prayer request.

What do people wear?

Most people dress casually.

Do I need to bring a Bible?

Most people find it very helpful to bring a Bible for the teaching part of the worship service. If you don’t have a Bible, there are Bibles under each seat for your use.

What version of the Bible do you use?

Generally, the preaching of the word is done from the New King James Version, but members of the congregation use a variety of translations according to their own preferences.

How big is MVBC?

Generally between 80 and 100 people attend the main worship service on Sundays.

What denomination are you affiliated with?

MVBC is a non denominational Bible Church. We are loosely affiliated with several other Bible Churches in Utah.

Where did your pastor receive his training?

Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

What type of church Government do you follow?

MVBC is an elder-led church that follows the elder/deacon model set in 1 Timothy 3 of the Bible. We involve our membership in the process of making decisions concerning finances and budget, future ministry endeavors, and church leadership as outlined in our church Constitution.

Do you have a nursery?

Yes, a nursery is provided for children ages 0-3.

What happens to my children during the main service?

Children between 4 and 12 can attend a children’s church service during the second half of the main service.  We also offer Kids Kits with kid-friendly activity pages, note sheets, and a snack for children who wish to remain with their parents for the entire service.

Do you have Sunday School?

Yes, we currently offer Sunday School classes every Sunday at 9:30am for kids and adults.

Are you charismatic?

We believe that the sign gifts of tongues and divine healing passed away with the completion of the Scriptures.

Do you have a missions program?

Yes. We support several foreign and domestic missionaries with finances, encouragement, and face-to-face involvement.

How do you finance the church?

MVBC is totally dependent upon the free-will offerings of believers. Contributions are never solicited. When God motivates the believer, the believer is free to give.We take an offering during the main worship meeting.

What mode of baptism is provided at MVBC?

We practice Baptism by immersion for those who have put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation from sin.

Do you offer counseling?

Yes, the pastor provides Christian counseling. Referrals to a local professional Christian counselor may also be given.


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