Outcomes For Overcomers 2

Special provisions, positions, and privileges await everyone who overcomes! Join us as we conclude the series “This Is Us” through Jesus’ messages to the seven churches of Revelation.

Outcomes For Overcomers 1

Overcomers will experience the Paradise of God and Protection from the Second Death, but WHO is an overcomer? Join us as the series “This Is Us” takes us through Jesus’ messages to the seven churches of Revelation.

Cedar Mountain Retreat Camp

Cedar Mountain Retreat, a non-profit Bible-centered camp that has been providing quality summer youth programs since 1987, is offering its annual weeks of High School Camp (July 1-5), Upper Elementary Camp (July 8-12), and Middle School Camp (July 15-19). CMR is located on 20 aspen-covered acres of Cedar Mountain, approximately 20 miles southeast of Cedar…

Fact Or Fiction

Acts 24:1-21 God’s Word provides us with some helpful tools for separating fact from fiction.  Join us as we uncover several tactics used to promote falsehood (including flattery, slander, and blame-shifting) and traits that accompany the facts (including sharing details openly and taking personal responsibility) from the testimony of a professional speaker named Tertullus and…

Contrasting Conclusions

Acts 17:1-15 As we share our faith, some will remain devoted to other religions or traditions, and perhaps even view the gospel message as a threat.  Others, however, will willingly listen to our claims, investigate the scriptures, and believe in Christ after impartially evaluating the information. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the book…