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Seeing Isn’t Believing

John 6:36-51 Jesus is the Bread of Life! All who trust in Him will receive eternal life, but many will not be convinced. Although we will certainly face rejection, we can remain confident as we share, knowing that the Father is compelling hearts to believe and our salvation is secure. Pastor Jason continues in our…

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Will Work For Food

John 6:22-35 We can either spend our entire lives chasing temporary experiences and attempting to earn eternal life, or we can believe in Jesus for salvation and find satisfaction through an ongoing relationship with Him. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the Gospel of John entitled “Heaven Came Down.”

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A Picture Of The Redeemer

Ruth 2-4 Pastoral ministries intern Brady DeVeau compares the physical redemption that Boaz provided for Ruth as her kinsman redeemer to the spiritual redemption that is made available to anyone through faith in Jesus Christ.

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Ready To Rescue

John 6:15-21 The Christian life is filled with struggles. God allows them to reveal our own condition and draw us toward dependence on Him. However, God knows our limits and will step in to rescue us before we are taken beyond what we can bear. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the Gospel of…

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Confirming Jesus’ Claims

John 5:31-47 Jesus is God and the only way of salvation, BUT DON’T TAKE HIS WORD FOR IT! God the Father’s testimony, others’ confessions, His own miracles, and 353 prophecies of Christ in the Old Testament aim to convince us that Jesus is exactly who He says He is. Pastor Jason continues in our series…

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Mary, Who’d Have Known?

Luke 1:26-38 God delights in displaying His favor in the lives of the unknown people of this world to make a name for Himself. He is still searching for humble people who, like Mary, will honor Him with their choices, face their fears, and step out in faith to serve Him, even when the task…

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A Second Chance At Eternity

In this 2-minute excerpt from our monthly Communion Celebration, pastor Jason explains that our ultimate “second chance” is the opportunity to receive a restored relationship with God, complete forgiveness, and the guarantee of eternal life in heaven by faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for our sins.

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The Gift Of A Second Chance

John 5:1-15 After encountering a man who has been afflicted by an illness (and a sin habit) for 38 years, Jesus offers hope, healing, and the guidance he needs to begin on the path to true recovery. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the Gospel of John entitled “Heaven Came Down.”

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The Medicine Of A Thankful Heart

Luke 17:11-19 Jesus has lifted many of us out of a life of hopelessness through the power of His sacrifice and healing love, but have we drawn close to Him to give thanks? Pastoral ministries intern Brady Deveau relates Jesus’ encounter with ten lepers to our spiritual need and the shortage of thankful hearts in…

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A Blessing In Disguise

John 4:45-54 Your next trial or tragedy may be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes moments of desperation are the very things Jesus uses to reveal Himself to us in a more powerful way than ever before. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the Gospel of John entitled “Heaven Came Down.”