The Gift Of Service

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Summer Series Pastor Jason discusses various examples of, evidences for, and encumbrances associated with the spiritual gift of service.

The Significance Of Sign Gifts

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Summer Series The supernatural spiritual gifts, also referred to as the sign gifts, are a much debated subject throughout the church today.   Pastor Jason addresses the purpose of sign gifts in the early church, the Biblical and historical record concerning sign gifts, and the realities we face in the church…

An Introduction To Spiritual Gifts

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Summer Series God has provided spiritual gifts to enable His church to meet a variety of needs of a variety of people in a variety of ways. Every believer has received at least one spiritual gift as a stewardship from God.  As we put our spiritual gifts to use, we become…

Prone To Procrastination

Acts 24:22-27 There are many reasons why procrastination has such a strong appeal.  Perhaps it appears to be the only way to avoid the disapproval that is sure to follow a difficult decision. Maybe it feels like an effective way to distance ourselves from discomfort. It might even seem like the easy way around hard…

Mothering The Messiah

Luke 2:39-52 Join us as we take a look into the habits and heart of Mary in this special Mother’s Day message.

God’s Indestructible Intentions

Acts 23:11-24 As believers, we can face each day with courage and confidence, knowing that Jesus is with us and will bring about everything He has planned to accomplish through us. Others may do everything in their power to hinder us, but God’s intentions will prevail! Pastor Jason continues in our series through the book of Acts.

Clever Christianity

Acts 22:22-23:10 Is it OK for Christians to be clever? In today’s passage, the Apostle Paul cleverly voices his rights when others attempt to impose unjust restrictions, exposes a double standard in the life of his accuser, and changes the subject of conversation to divide his opposition. Gain a practical understanding of what it means for believers…

Tips For Testimonies

Acts 22:1-21 One of the best ways to share your faith is to share your personal testimony. Begin by sharing some of the details of your background in a simple way that others can relate to. Next, explain the circumstances and truths that convicted you of your personal need to trust in Jesus, as well…

The Path To Paradise

Luke 23:32-43 (Easter Sunday, 2017) Jesus, the Christ, was punished for our sins in our place on the cross. Three days later, He came back to life and offers complete forgiveness, the righteousness needed to withstand God’s judgment, and the right to enter heaven forever to anyone who will simply believe.  If you have never…

The Pursuit Of Peace

Acts 21:21-30 Pursuing peace in our relationships with others can be challenging. We should take every step possible to promote peace in ways that avoid compromising our convictions. Unfortunately, peace isn’t always possible. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the book of Acts.