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Variety Is Vital

Acts 18:18-28 Every believer is an essential part of the local church body. God uses educated individuals to reason with others, ensure that no one is overlooked, and teach important truths. He uses eloquent people to inspire believers to action, say hard things, and silence opposition. God uses encouragers to bring people together, entertain and…


Spheres Of Sharing

Acts 18:1-11 Our colleagues, conversations, and communities provide us with three spheres of life in which we can share our faith.  The workplace introduces us to a variety of people, creates opportunities for discussion, and places our work ethic as a believer in full view.  Engaging in conversations allows the Holy Spirit to prompt us…


Describing Deity

Acts 17:16-23 Anytime the truth about God is twisted so that He will fit inside a man-made box, an idol has been born.  Even as in ancient Athens, “idol” worship permeates our society today. How can we respond when so much confusion exists? Like the apostle Paul, we can clarify the characteristics of the true and living God!…


Contrasting Conclusions

Acts 17:1-15 As we share our faith, some will remain devoted to other religions or traditions, and perhaps even view the gospel message as a threat.  Others, however, will willingly listen to our claims, investigate the scriptures, and believe in Christ after impartially evaluating the information. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the book…

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