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Marks Of Maturity

Acts 20:1-16 As we grow in our relationship with God, marks of maturity will begin to surface. Instead of merely wanting to be poured into, we will begin to desire to pour out into the lives of others. We will also notice a growing hunger for the Word of God. We will study God’s Word…


The Anatomy Of Agitation

Acts 19:23-41 Wherever there is agitation, there are conflicting agendas. If our agenda is motivated by greed instead of godliness, we must be willing to¬†abandon it. We must guard against reacting to agitation with anger, a loss of self-control, and a closed mind. We can respond to another’s agitation by addressing their concerns, pointing out…


Power To Prevail

Acts 19:11-20 We are not immune to challenging conditions as believers, but God has given us the power to prevail over them. When we face infirmities, we can approach God directly through prayer. If we struggle with “idols” in our lives, we can immerse ourselves in the word of God. Pastor Jason continues in our…


Variety Is Vital

Acts 18:18-28 Every believer is an essential part of the local church body. God uses educated individuals to reason with others, ensure that no one is overlooked, and teach important truths. He uses eloquent people to inspire believers to action, say hard things, and silence opposition. God uses encouragers to bring people together, entertain and…

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