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Missions Sunday Ron Thompson

Ron Thompson, director of Tentmaker’s Bible Mission and founding pastor of Mountain View Bible Church, shares updates on life and ministry, stories of the early years of Mountain View, and a challenge from God’s Word on the heart of missions and the church.

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Missions Sunday Leann Harris

  Leann Harris, missionary appointee to Kenya, shares how God developed a passion in her heart for teaching the Bible to women and led her to pursue full-time service as a missionary in Africa.

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A Fountain Of Fulfillment

John 4:1-30; 39-42 For years, a Samaritan woman, whom Jews considered to be a second-class citizen, had searched for happiness in marriage after failed marriage. Despite social conventions, Jesus approached her and began a simple conversation that would ultimately reveal the only lasting source of satisfaction: a personal faith in Him as the Savior. Pastor…

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In Competition With Christ

John 3:22-36 It is crucial to celebrate the successes of other Bible-believing Christians and churches instead of viewing them as rivals, even when we are struggling. Our focus should remain on promoting Jesus in our community and following and serving Him personally, even when we don’t see immediate visible results.  Pastor Jason continues in our…

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