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Conflict In The Church

Acts 15:1-22 From time to time, we will face conflicts, even within our church family.  One of the most common causes of conflict among believers is the attempt to enforce a personal conviction, belief, or preference as a command of God. The solution involves stepping back in humility and discussing what the work and word of God…


Equipped To Endure

Acts 14:19-25 As a church, we will certainly face challenging spiritual climates and changing spiritual conditions. If we remain committed to developing disciples and establishing elders according to the pattern given to us by God in His Word, we will be able to endure any spiritual environment that comes our way. Pastor Jason continues in our series…


2016 December Communion

Come reflect with us as we celebrate Christ’s death for our sins in our place and His resurrection which gives us the hope of eternal life in His presence by faith.


Misunderstood By The Masses

Acts 13:42-14:18 As believers in Jesus, it is important to understand that we will often be misunderstood by the majority of people.  Some may believe that we have misplaced motives. Others will believe that our message is misleading.  Some might even believe that we are more than mortals.  All of those ideas couldn’t be farther…

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