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Come And See

John 1:35-51 Like the early disciples, we too have an open invitation to “come and see” Jesus. As we experience a personal relationship with Jesus, He begins to reveal our destiny as a believer and remind us of His constant presence. Pastor Jason continues in our series through the Gospel of John entitled “Heaven Came…

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People Get Ready!

John 1:19-34 When God needed a voice to prepare the hearts of the people to receive His Son, He sent John the Baptist to challenge the complacent, provide open and honest answers, and explain His provision of Jesus to take away the sins of the world. God still needs voices today! He wants to use…

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Like Father, Like Son

John 1:1-18 In order to better understand Jesus throughout John’s Gospel, we need to embrace 3 foundational truths about Him: 1.) Jesus is the fullness of God. 2.) Jesus is the only way into God’s family 3.) Jesus is God in the flesh. Pastor Jason begins our next series through the book of John entitled…


Spiritual Gifts: Review & Responsibility

Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts Summer Series Pastor Jason recaps the spiritual gifts and reminds us of the responsibility we have to use our gifts and encourage others to do the same within our local church in this final message from our summer series.

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