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Prone To Procrastination

Acts 24:22-27 There are many reasons why procrastination has such a strong appeal.  Perhaps it appears to be the only way to avoid the disapproval that is sure to follow a difficult decision. Maybe it feels like an effective way to distance ourselves from discomfort. It might even seem like the easy way around hard…


Fact Or Fiction

Acts 24:1-21 God’s Word provides us with some helpful tools for separating fact from fiction.  Join us as we uncover several tactics used to promote falsehood (including flattery, slander, and blame-shifting) and traits that accompany the facts (including sharing details openly and taking personal responsibility) from the testimony of a professional speaker named Tertullus and…


Mothering The Messiah

Luke 2:39-52 Join us as we take a look into the habits and heart of Mary in this special Mother’s Day message.


God’s Indestructible Intentions

Acts 23:11-24 As believers, we can face each day with courage and confidence, knowing that Jesus is with us and will bring about everything He has planned to accomplish through us. Others may do everything in their power to hinder us, but God’s intentions will prevail! Pastor Jason continues in our series through the book of Acts.

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